West Coast Trail 2019

Parent Letter

Dear Parents of Outdoor Education students:


Welcome to Outdoor Education at Calgary Christian Secondary School.  I say this because you will no doubt be a major part of helping your children plan this exciting adventure.  The dates of the hike for the first group is May 9th to the 16th and the second group is May 10th - 18th  and flights are booked.  You will hear about it beforehand and you should definitely hear about it after they go (those who have had older siblings go in previous years will know).We are all very excited to be going again; we consider it a real blessing to enjoy God’s creation with your children.

The purpose of this first communication is to ask that you attend a parent information evening on Monday, February 25 at 7:00 pm.  It is a mandatory meeting because it is essential that we meet face to face and I tell you all the things you will need to know about the trip.  If there is no possible way you can attend, can you please let me know and we can make an alternative arrangement. I will present the following information:


  1. Information the trip, including a (rough) itinerary of the 2 groups going
  2. Clothing and gear information
  3. Consent forms and student responsibilities
  4. Introduce our chaperones
  5. Answer any questions or concerns you will have


If possible, I would like to collect the fees on this particular evening as well.The cost of the trip will be $900.00 all inclusive (including the out trip to Frontier Lodge from April 15 - 18.  We will talk about ways to fundraise that evening as well, so please do not allow cost to be an obstacle. We will not leave anybody behind because of finances, there is always an option as far as that is concerned.If you have any questions or concerns prior to the meeting, please call or email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  




Phil Bonk